The Sons & Daughters Of Paramus

Are You Jimmyfied?

Jimmy on Conan

1. You define your life as a "prison term", waiting five more long years until you're allowed into Manny's in NYC to see him! Oh Jimmy!!! (Sarah)

2. You used to think of him as a "that guitar player on Conan O'Brien." You now call him JOEY VINO, the swankiest and most talented guitar player in the universe! (Kelly)

3. You say "Krunk to the rest - Just give us the best - JIMMY VIVINO of course! (Amber)

4. I plunge into a deep state of depression when there aren't a lot of closeups of the JimmyMan playing. I LOVE HIM!! There is no way to escape the JimmyMan Fever! (Dawn)

5. You chant "Bring on the JimmyMan!" when you hear the Max Weinberg 7 start to play. (Christine)

6. You tell your friends and family you vow never to talk again unless you can have Jimmy playing guitar in back of you wherever you go. (Gail)

7. You are the proud owner of a VIVINO METER. (Nikki Tikki)

8. You are the proud INVENTOR of the VIVINO METER. Now you or other family members can walk away from your TV with peace of mind, knowing your trusted VIVINO METER will signal you when the JimmyMan is seen. No home should be without one. (Chris)

9. I think he's the sexiest man alive! More close-ups please. (Wendy)

10. I'm a hard working college student who went shopping for a bookcase that I desperately needed but somehow I managed to come home with the JimmyMan's CD instead! (Lorie)

11. You say you're watching Late Night. Well actually, you're having more fun playing "Name That Tune" with Jimmy and the band instead!!! GO JIMMY GO!! (Darcy)

12. You've legally changed your name to Linzi McVino. (Linzi)

13. Your favorite phrase: "But aren't we all Vivino's at heart?" (Lorie)

14. Because we're outnumbered by female fans here (Oh help us) you are forced into contributing to the Bailey the CameraMan Fund (AKA "THE PAYOFF") to ensure good quality closeups of Jimmy V. (Mark)

15. When my Dad comes by my room he doesn't yell at me to turn my music down. He hears Jimmy's blues playing and he yells, "TURN IT UP" so we can all hear it. What are you, selfish or something?" Even though my Dad is 40, he's not too old to be cool! (Dawn)

16. I get so bummed when they have to stick the guests that sit in with the band right in front of the JimmyMan. I don't care WHO they are. NOBODY should be blocking the JimmyMan. I'd like to tell Late Night to put all these dudes in back of Jimmy and not in front of him. Come on, he's the JIMMYMAN! (Cindy)

17. I am not Jimmyfied. I don't believe in Vivino-ization. I can stop listening to his music anytime I want to. I just choose not to. I am not in denial. (Chris)

18. Your love for Jimmy causes you to purchase a"age-enhanced" ID card so you can enjoy EACH and EVERY one of his gigs! (Lorie)

19. I listen to Jimmy's "DO WHAT NOW" CD every day! (Keren)

Jimmy on Late Night

20. I can't get enough of Jimmy and the band. Bring on the Jimmy! It would be great if Late Night let him play more. (Dave D.)

21. Sure it's great that you're learning about blues. But how come with each new song you discover you like, you have to say, "It's good, but I wonder what it would be like to hear JIMMY'S VERSION OF IT??? (Darcy )

22. You look forward to commercials so you shout, "Bring on 'da Jimmy! Give us some blues!" and then hope the camera zooms in on him. (Cindy)

23. Lately you can't help but notice that Jimmy looks very swanky in burnt sienna shirts and ties. Is he dapper or what? Oh Jimmy! (Kelly)

24. My friends and I play the JIMMY FACTOR GAME. We're getting very good at naming a lot of the songs Jimmy plays. (Rachel)

25. I'm from South Carolina and a lot of people say, "Do what now?" down here. When they say that I tell them, "BUY THE JIMMYMAN'S DO WHAT NOW CD!!"(Christine)

26. Everyday I hope and pray Jimmy will come to Long Island to a place that DOESN'T discriminate against teenagers! GIVE ME SOMETHING TO HOPE FOR JIMMY! (Dawn)


27. I was the one to declare the OFFICIAL JIMMYMAN CAMPAIGN! He must be allowed to showcase his great talent on the show again! What is Late Night waiting for? Do we have to start picketing outside NBC Studios? Let's do it! Chant with me: "WE WANT THE JIMMYMAN!!! BRING ON THE JIMMYMAN!!! MORE JIMMYMAN!!!" (Nikki)

28. A Confession: I *accidentally* <g> took some "other" blues CD off the display shelf where they tell you which CDs to try and replaced it with THE JIMMYMAN'S CD instead! Then I stood back and admired how NICE it looked there, where he could be seen, not stuck way back someplace else. My friends started to do the same thing in other record stores too! MAKE ROOM FOR JIMMY! (Dawn)

29. Whenever I go into my local CD store, I ask them to play DO WHAT NOW and guess what? THEY DO! So can I ask that you tell others to do the same thing and ask for Jimmy's CD to be played? (Jennifer)

30. Six months ago, you were apprehensive about being in the Blues Section of any CD store. You nervously searched for Jimmy's CD and went back to your "other" favorite sections. Today, you spend MOST OF YOUR TIME in the Blues Section.....walking around like you own the place, reading off the names and saying, "Hmmm...Like him, don't like him....He's not bad....Gotta' try that one next....." You have such an air of confidence about you that people approach you for your "expert opinion" on a blues guitarist....."Well", you say,...."Let me tell you...He's NO JIMMY VIVINO!!" (Kell)

31. You know things have gotten out of hand when you refer to the Max Weinberg 7 as "The Joey Vino Orchestra". (A sign shared by ALL THE SONS & DAUGHTERS OF PARAMUS!)

32. My usual speech to these kids? "Keep your seatbelts securely fastened and your floatation devices nearby.....or get set to drown in these Vivinofied Torrents. "(Mark)

Jimmy and Mike

33. Instead of taking your usual dose of B vitamins, you listen to Jimmy's CD daily to get your maximum amount of B (Blues) vitamins. (Cathy)

34. You and your friends have made pins that say 'GIMME 'DA JIMMY!' 'BRING ON 'DA JIMMY!' & 'WHERE IS JOEY VINO?' and you wear them everywhere. (Cindy)

35. You refer to Jimmy as "our Joey Vino" and the Max Weinberg 7 as "our band." (ChillBelle)

36. You know you're Jimmy-fied when you develop a new "blues mood enhancing chemical derivative not to be confused with Viagra", chitlin-flavored "Jimmylosene", or available at a cheaper price, the generic "JoeyVinomide". (Cathy the Lab Babe)

37. You're adding on another room to your house which has suddenly become too small to house all your wife's CDs. Thank you Jimmy. Our CD collection was under control before. Not anymore! (Chris)

38. Listen in on a typical Sons & Daughters of Paramus meeting:
Dizza: "Who wants to start our blues discussion today? Have you figured out what type of blues you prefer? Yes - Kelly?"
Kelly: "I don't care just let Jimmy sing it or play it. Did you see his closeups last night? They were-"
Dizza: "Kelly let's get back to discussing blues. Now do you think-"
Linzi: "Did I tell you I really did legally change my name to LINZI MCVINO? YAYE!"
Nikki: "He wore that orange shirt again with the matching tie. Mark- I bet he'd look awful in it. He probably can't wear orange. But Jimmy can. Who else thought Jimmy looked dreamy in that orange-"
Dizza:"Er- we're supposed to be talking about blues. What about the Butterfield Blues Band? Why do you think you like them?
Ladibug: "Don't you think we're all Vivinos at heart, I mean when it comes right down to it?"
Dizza: "O.K. now let's talk about how blues has influenced-"
Chillngirl: "Joey Vino has nice eyes. Don't you think so?"
Kelly: "What color shirt was that? Wouldn't you say it was more of a burnt sienna than an actual orange?......."

39. You tape Late Night, edit out everything but Jimmy playing and his closeups, and then label each tape "The Best of Late Night With Conan O'Brien." Sorry Conan! (Gail)

40. Most of my time watching Conan is spent anxiously waiting for a commercial to see what Jimmy Vivino will sing and play next. Then I shout at my TV screen, "BRING ON THE JIMMYMAN! JOEY VINO! JOEY VINO!" (Kelly)

41. You know you're Jimmy-fied when you've traded in all your Garth Brooks CDs for Jimmy's CDs. :) (Cathy)

42. You've trained yourself to take a power nap when you come home from work in order to stay up late to listen to Jimmy and the band play. (Jeff)


43. You go to your local CD store and begin sticking labels on all of Jimmy's CDs: WARNING: Prolonged exposure to Jimmy Vivino's music may be HABIT FORMING! (Darcy)

44. I'm so ashamed...I thought no one knew. I throw rotten vegetables at my TV screen at each musical guest who isn't the JimmyMan. And I was wondering why it was getting harder and harder to see the screen... (Lorie)

45. Every week I go to Conan's NBC website to see the list of musical guests. When I don't see Jimmy's name there, oh sniff sniff, I feel so blue. Blue? I guess I had better go listen to Jimmy playing the blues again to get me through this crisis! I LOVE JIMMY VIVINO! (Kathy)

46. You read on Jimmy's CD: "Thanks to our AOL friends for their early support" and you smile, pretending he's talking about YOU, even though a year ago you weren't even listening to Jimmy's CD and used to think you didn't like blues! (Kelly)

47. You know you're Jimmy-fied when your vocabulary takes on a "bluesy" flavor. "Yeah baby, this ain't no shuckin. Vivino, he's the real thing man. He's on fire. Ain't nobody better. Da blues is da blues." Nuff said! (Valerie)

48. Reprint of actual letter as found in "NEE-HA!" #11:

Dear Dizza,

I think Jimmy Vivino of the Max Weinberg 7 is totally H.O.T.T. Hot! I keep dreaming I'm alone with him in a small rowboat on a lake. He is playing guitar and singing to me. Do you think this is O.K.?

From Just Jimmy 4 Evuh

Dear Just Jimmy,

Actually NO.......This type of dreaming IS NOT O.K. So change it quick!! Make the small rowboat big enough for a very large group of us. And then would you please all move over and make some room for ME?

49. You stay up too late at night to watch Jimmy and then end up singing "TOO TIRED" the next day just to get though your day at work!! (Darcy)

"I'm tired!! I DECLARE!! I DECLARE!! I'm tired!
Don't shake me....You might break me!
I'm too tired for anything!
Too tired to walk
Too tired to run
Hear my baby call but I'm too tired to come

50. In one of those moments when you're doing nothing else you pick up the phone and ask the operator to dial 1-2-9 just to see what happens. The good news: the operator puts you through to The Sons And Daughters Of Paramus!! Even more good news: it's their answering machine you get...and it's them singing that song!! (Linzi)


51. I heard Conan kidding about some woman who turns down the sound on his show until the Max Weinberg 7 starts to play. I do it too because I'm more interested in hearing Jimmy Vivino sing (what a voice) or play (is there anyone more versatile?) (Janet, mother of college kids fans of Late Night, but a bigger fan of Jimmy Vivino!)

52. "I GET EVIL" when I hear Jimmy playing a good riff on Conan and they don't put the camera on him. I GET EVIL! (Maria)

53. I tape my favorite songs Jimmy does on Conan. Even though I only get a few seconds of them each time, maybe after a year or two I'll have entire songs? (Kelly)

54. The Sons & Daughters of Paramus find ways to incorporate into their everyday speech the names of their favorite songs played by Jimmy on Late Night! For example: "I like staying up IN THE MIDNIGHT MOONLIGHT HOUR." (And then of course we have to sing it!!) (Darcy)

55. Jimmy's CD "DO WHAT NOW" Vivinoized me and I know that "I got a good thing. I ain't gonna' put it down. I got a "Birds Nest On the Ground!" (Janet)

56. This week I've done my duties as a Joey Vino fan... I've converted someone to Vinoizm, (without force) and they've went out and bought the CD ("Do What, Now?")... My influence!! He keeps singing to me now (not entirely a bad thing though). (Linzi)

57. I play "The Jimmy Factor Game" and am thrilled to pieces when Conan compares Jimmy's guitars to different candy! (Jenna)

58. I find myself looking forward to the music the Max Weinberg 7 will play when Max is on tour because I know the guys sound so much better with Jimmy as the bandleader. (Valerie M. )

59. I keep track of how many times Jimmy wears ties to match his guitars. The man dresses so cool! (Chickletgal)

60. I've been Jimmyfied since '93 when he jammed in the courtyard at 5-Towns. He was all decked out in a black leather jacket, dungarees, engineer boots and a big bushy ponytail with beard to match. Man, what a sight, and better yet what a sound. (slydeman)

61. What's the only reason why you would be happy about going into a commercial while watching Late Night? No, not so you could run to the fridge and feed your face but because you can't wait to see what Jimmy is going to come up with for the band. Man oh MAN he is good! Jimmy you rock and I will always be Jimmyfied! (Brian)

62. You know you're really JIMMYFIED when you resent the fact that Max is back because he takes away all of Jimmy's great CLOSEUPS and you wish they would give more great camera shots back to the Jimmy-Man! (Susan O.)

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